Olive Helps v0.53.1


Release Summary


  • Improved Sidenote display by enhancing view of large notes and updated display to show fade of notes rather than a cutoff at bottom of Sidebar.
  • Added option within Preferences to keep Sidebar in the forefront of user’s screen.

Loop Library

  • Converted all references from Pi to USD. All previous references to Pi are converted to be 1:1 to USD.

Loop Authors

  • Removal of OCR sensor. No longer in installer and all supporting code in backend is removed. Any Screen Aptitude functions requiring OCR sensor will return an error to the loop.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where restarting a local loop would not update with new code.
  • Fixed a number of startup errors.

Deprecation Notice

  • The LDK will no longer be public as of Olive Help's v0.54.x release (first week of October). The LDK will still be published to NPM, and documentation is still available here. We are trying to limit our exposure for security reasons and therefore no longer making the LDK public. Loop authors should only be affected if: (1) they have their own version of the LDK that uses the Olive LDK, (2) they have their own libraries that use pieces (ex: type definitions) from the LDK, (3) they are not using NPM and instead imports directly from GitHub. If there are any questions feel free to direct them to [email protected]