Olive Helps v0.49.5


Release Summary

Loop Authors

  • Updates were made for the loop creation extensions available for NPX and VSCode to support all available aptitudes.


  • Minor enhancements made to the sidebar UI.
  • Improvements were made to cache clearing interval.
  • User settings will now be separated if two users are logging into the same machine and using Olive Helps.
  • The Preferences window now has a Shortcuts section.
    • Existing keyboard shortcuts were moved into this section.
    • Additional keyboard shortcut options were implemented for hiding the sidebar window.

Loop Library

  • Resolved a bug where the Loop Library had inconsistent zoom levels when changing pages.
  • The Loop Library window should center in the space not occupied by the Sidebar
  • Upgraded to MUI v5.
  • Org admins can now sort through the columns on the User table under Org Admin Tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Loop Update Whisper was not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where the My Loops page still appears after logging out.
  • Improved stability of Loop runtime.
  • Reduced the Windows executable size of OCR Sensor.
  • Fixed an issue where the flash of light notification did not appear if multiple Whispers were fired.

Olive Helps Installer - Possible Action Required

Within the release of v0.48.x of Olive Helps, we are making an important change to the Olive Helps installer that installs components in a different location on Windows machines than where previously installed.
To avoid any disruption to your use of Olive Helps, we ask that your security team review the following updates to antivirus exclusion or allow lists for Olive Helps as soon as possible.