Olive Helps v0.54.1


Release Summary


  • Organization admins now have the ability to manage the Sensors and Aptitudes for their organizations.
    • If you are an Organization Admin head to Loop Library, select your Organization, and then the new section titled ‘Security’, here you will be able to enable/disable groups of Sensors & Aptitudes.
  • Badge notifications. As an Olive Helps user, badge notifications will help to alert me of in-app activity that may be beneficial to me. This will give me a notification style alert, without being annoying (mac users only).
  • Updates to columns in the User List csv file export

Loop Library

  • Version v6.3.14 released alongside this latest version of Olive Helps. Fixes to enable sensor management

Bug Fixes

  • Removed issues with markdown appearing in UI of loop descriptions
  • Fixed discrepancy with respect to the sync of index with page loading on moving through multiple pages at a time.