A general overview of the Olive Helps platform


Olive Helps comprises three main components: the Olive Helps desktop application, the Loop Library, and Loops. The only thing you need to explicitly install is the desktop application.

Desktop Application

The Olive Helps desktop application is distributed as an EXE/MSI or DMG based installer which can be deployed using Group Policy or installed directly by a user with sufficient local privileges. The Olive Helps desktop application has built-in support for automatic version updates and security patches. If users do not have permission to update applications, then you will be required to download and push updates using Group Policies or other similar means.
Users adding a Loop to their own installation of Olive Helps do not require administrative access.


Install and launch Olive Helps by using the download links below
Download for Windows
Download for Mac
Follow the Installation and User Management guides for more details
Once you start up Olive Helps and log in with your Olive Account, you are now free to start exploring. Take the tour by interacting with the Welcome To Olive Helps Whisper, which looks like the screenshot below.
Take the Tour!

Add a Loop

Click Loop Library on the bottom navigation bar to launch the library.
Olive Helps Bottom Navigation Bar
Search what has already been created by Olive and other Helps Developers. Simply Browse Loops and Add any Loops that look interesting or useful.
Loop Library Landing Page
Once you have Loops added, Olive Helps is ready to work for you!
While you're here, come join our community for Loopers on Slack (link coming soon)!