Olive Helps v0.41.4


Release Summary


  • Olive Helps has added a Help Center, which can be accessed in the hamburger menu. The Help Center will provide an area for users to submit feedback about Olive Helps and about specific Loops.

    • If the reported issue is related to Olive Helps, the Help Center will redirect the user to Olive’s customer support area in your web browser.

  • Omnibar search will now be opened using CTRL+Shift+O (Windows), CMD+Shift+O (Mac).

  • General performance improvements were implemented.

  • Changed user preferences so that desktop notifications cannot be used in addition to having the Sidebar automatically open when a new Whisper is fired.

Loop Library

  • The Whisper card footer will now pull in the organization Logo used in Loop Details.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where users did not see the prompt to update Olive Helps.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Sidebar to hide after logging out.

  • Fixed an issue with the Loop Library unexpectedly asking “Are you sure you want to close?”

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