Olive Helps v0.38.8 & LDK v3.15.0


Release Summary

Loop Authors

• Added CollapseBox to ChildComponents • Added child component mapper for CollapseBox


  • User preferences now includes an Accessibility tab which provides an area to manage zoom in/zoom out percentage. This can also be managed via keyboard shortcuts at any time: CTRL +,- on Windows, CMD +,- on Mac.
  • Tool tips have been included on various buttons and inputs throughout the app, which will now appear when a component is in focus.
  • Sidenotes are now searchable across note title and content. Simply select ‘Sidenote’ from the Sidebar’s global search dropdown, and type in a search term to find your Sidenote search results.
  • Sidenote prefixed search has been removed, you no longer need to add “sidenote:” before your term to search across title and note content.
  • Included user feedback when saving preferences.
  • Added accessibility features related to tabbing through the search bar.

Loop Library

  • Added pagination to the Browse Loops page in the Loop Library. User can choose the number of results they would like to see per page as well as progress through consecutive pages to view all loops in the Loop Library.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused formatting to break when tabbing through the app.
  • Removed a warning message about unsaved preferences changes from showing when the user has not made any changes
  • Fixed formatting issues when using zoom in feature