Loop Publication

Ready to add to the Library? Here's how to get your loop uploaded.
Here's how to build your local Loop. From your project directory, run:
npm run build
This will generate a loop.js within your $PROJECT_LOCATION/dist
Open the Olive Helps application and navigate to the Loop Library (either from the menu or from the bottom navigation bar).
Loop Authors Tab
Within the Loop Library window, click on the Loop Authors tab in the top navigation bar. Navigate to Submit a Loop.
Submit Loop
If you cannot find this section of the Loop Library, please refer to the Becoming a Loop Author guide
New Loop Form
Please fill out the necessary metadata. Under Access you can select whether your Loop will be accessible by only your organization or if it should be publicly available.
Loop path input
Under Loop Directory, use the Browse function to navigate to the $PROJECT_LOCATION/dist which contains the loop.js file you built earlier. Select the loop.js file.
Submit the Loop!
Lastly, click Submit Loop to begin the Loop review process. You should receive an email shortly letting you know someone is taking a look.
Know what information to include with your Loop? Check out the Loop Approval Checklist.
You can make corrections or updates to this Loop within the My Authored Loops page. Click on the Loop to navigate to its details, then click on the upper right menu to submit a new version.
Edit your Loop using this menu