Olive Helps v0.51.2


Release Summary

Loop Authors

  • Locally running loops will now appear in the Loop Launcher for Loop Authors. Locally running loops will appear as Added within the Loop Library > My Loops section.


  • We have added options within Olive Helps > Preferences to better suit our average users. These include the ability to manage new Whisper actions (notifications) within the tool.
  • When None is selected within New Whisper Action preferences, it will prevent any New Whisper action from opening Olive Helps. When logged out of the app, Olive Helps preferences will continue to be reflective of the last user logged in.

Loop Library

Fixed an issue with Loop Library zoom settings. If zoom level changes while the Loop Library is closed, when the Loop Library is opened, the new zoom level is now applied.

Bug Fixes

  • Within the new New User Tutorial, the Preferences flow was displaying incorrectly, this has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where "/ is" included within a search query causing the search dropdown to open.
  • The keyboard shortcut that displays inside of the Omnibar will now match the user’s preference selection.