LDK v 3.17.0


Release Summary

This includes the release notes for the LDK v 3.17.0

LDK Changes

  • Compiled loops that do not utilize the loopOpenHandler will compile with a warning.
  • New component 'Ratings' has been added. It provides insights regarding others' opinions and experiences, and can allow the user to submit a rating of their own.
  • New component 'Typography" has been added. It provides a way to edit the format of html, similar to using markdown syntax.
  • New function 'document.readPDFwithOcr' has been added for Document Aptitude. The function will apply Optical Character Recognition to extract text from an image-based PDF file. Note: To run this function, 'Screen' permissions are required.
  • The 'screen.ocr' will be deprecated soon. We are showing ocr's deprecation warning after compiling. Please update your code with the new function: screen.listenOcrMonitor.
  • New function 'window.getActiveWindowID' has been added, it will return currently active window ID.
  • Chart component updates:
    • Added new types for axis scale, padding, and bar width
    • Changed Bar to VerticalBar
    • Removed xAxisTicks, yAxisTicks, xAxisTimeSeries, yAxisTimeSeries
  • The function browser.listenNetworkActivity will now return frameId & type as a part of the event response.
  • New function browser.listenTabChange allows loops to listen to tab change events.
  • Added support for the React-Loop example to use the TypeScript during loop compiling.
  • New function 'ocrFileEncoded' has been added to 'Screen Aptitude'. The function provides the ability to pass in an image file as a base64 string and apply Optical Character Recognition(OCR) on the image for text extraction.
  • The 'deprecatedBox' component has been officially deprecated. You can use 'Box' component instead.
  • The getEvironment() function added to System aptitude returns the OS version, Olive Helps version and Loop version.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed issue to prevent loop crashing when whisper is undefined during whisper.create & whisper.update.
  • Fixed bug and updated OCRResult's property to correctly provide the confidence value in the result set.