Antivirus and Firewalls

Running Olive Helps within environments with antivirus, firewalls, DLP solutions, and app allow-lists.

Olive Helps is meant to be run in settings where security is top of mind. In cases where you leverage antivirus software, app allow-lists, firewalls, and data loss prevention (DLP) networking solutions, you may need to make some exclusions to allow Olive Helps to operate fully. Here are the list of executables, folders, and domains that should be added to your allow list.


SSL Decryption

Olive Helps ensures that all network requests are made over SSL and that nothing in between it and the destination can decrypt those messages. A firewall that attempts to decrypt SSL/HTTPS traffic between Olive Helps and the destination breaks down that security and therefore Olive Helps will not make network requests in this kind of environment.

In the end, decryption of SSL packets must be disabled for the application. Or, if it can't be done at an application level, it should be disabled for the domain list below.

Domains to allow

If you have a firewall, DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution, or other tools that may restrict what domains you can visit, you will need to add these to your allow list.

Primary Olive Helps API - primarily used for authentication

Loop Library API - our marketplace to find and download Loops ("apps") that run in Olive Helps

Automatic Updates and Terms of Service (for automatic updates and terms of service).

Authentication Provider

Onboarding Assets

Crash Reporting

App Usage Analytics

Sidenote API - for storing your Olive Helps notes (Sidenotes) in the cloud - coming soon


Executable File Paths that may need to be excluded from antivirus or to added to allow lists. Read, write, and execute permission will need to be allowed for normal application usage.

Windows (per-machine install)

C:\Program Files\Olive Helps\olive-helps.exe

C:\Program Files\Olive Helps\Update.exe

C:\Program Files\Olive Helps\<VERSION>\olive-helps.exe

C:\Program Files\Olive Helps\<VERSION>\resources\app\.webpack\components\<COMPONENT>.exe

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Olive Helps\components\<COMPONENT>\<VERSION>\<COMPONENT>.exe (only v0.47 and older)

Windows (per-user install)





C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Olive Helps\components\<COMPONENT>\<VERSION>\<COMPONENT>.exe (only v0.47 and older)

MacOS (per-machine install)



MacOS (per-user install)



Additional File Access

Logs, Sidenote database, and other assets used by Olive Helps. Read and write access will need to be allowed for normal application usage.

In addition to the paths listed below, loops may need additional file access. This additional file access is documented by the loop author in the loop library.


C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Olive Helps\


/Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/Olive Helps/

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