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How Olive Helps Works

Explore terminology and how Olive Helps works behind the scenes.



The science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.

Loop Library

The Loop Library is our app store, where users can install or upload new Loops. It is accessed through the Olive Helps desktop app.


Loops are the applications of Olive Helps. They are programs that work on the platform to provide real-time information to users. Loops can be created by Olive, technology partners, health systems, and Loop authors.


Components that allow Olive Helps to observe the work people are doing. Examples: Visiting websites, using native applications, copying to the clipboard, and keystroke inputs.


Whispers allow Loops to display interactive information using a variety of formats and "talk" to the user through the Olive Helps Sidebar. They are real time pop-up messages and notifications. Whispers are the primary way a Loop can interact and communicate with the user.


High-level Loop Flow

A Loop uses Sensors to sense work being done by a user, then sends a Whisper of intelligence when appropriate.

Application Architecture

System Architecture