If you've run into some unexpected behavior and you're not sure how to deal with it, we have some ideas to help


UPDATE: If you are using Olive Helps >=v0.27.2, log files are no longer named after the Olive Helps version that generated them as described below. The new log file is located in the same folder described above, but is now named ui.main.log. This content will remain up until versions that still have this log file name are out of support.

Olive Helps saves logs, and they often include pertinent information:

  1. Open the Log folder. You can access them in the following locations:

    • Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Olive Helps

    • Windows: %AppData%\Olive Helps\Logs

  2. Open the log file for the current Olive Helps version. We generally recommend streaming changes to the log file, which you can do with the following commands:

    • Mac Terminal: tail -n 50 -f Olive\ Helps-X.Y.Z.log

    • Windows PowerShell: Get-Content -Tail 50 -Wait -Path ".\Olive Helps.X.Y.Z.log"

  3. Repeat the steps you followed to generate the problem the first time around. You may need to restart your Loop to do this. If you find that the application cannot restart the Loop due to an error, restart the application itself.

  4. If the logging data is inadequate, you can start the application with detailed logging:

    • Mac Terminal: LOG_LEVEL=trace open /Applications/Olive\

    • Windows PowerShell: $env:LOG_LEVEL='trace'; &"$($env:LOCALAPPDATA)/Olive Helps/olivehelps.exe"

Github Issues

The LDK provides a location for Loop Authors to open and track issues that they are experiencing when building Loops. We recommend searching issues to find solutions to common problems.

If you have an issue to report, please include:

  1. Your operating system version, the Olive Helps version running on your system, and LDK version used to compile the Loop.

  2. Entries from the Olive Helps logs surrounding the bug you're reporting. We may ask you to provide logs with logging level set to trace.

  3. A minimal reproducible example of the Loop code causing the bug, if possible.

Common Issues

Cannot Add Local Loop

If you're not able to add a Local Loop successfully, that means that the compiled Loop you provided could not be successfully run. Often this is a runtime issue where the program fails to evaluate your Loop successfully.

If your Loop is failing in this way, please check the Olive Helps log as specified above.

Check For Polyfills

We've already included polyfills in the LDK directly and adding other polyfills should be avoided. If you add other polyfills, the conflicting polyfills may cause problems, and we should check for polyfills as part of standard troubleshooting. Please check polyfills at docs/package-lock.json.

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