Loop Development FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Loop Development and using the Loop Development Kit (LDK).

What is the Loop Development Kit (LDK)? Is it the same as an SDK?

The LDK is the Software Development Kit (SDK) for creating Loops. Loop authors can use the LDK to create Loops, which can reach a wide audience through the Loop Library. Our platform provides a sophisticated environment for Loop development, all while adhering to Olive’s advanced security compliance.

Can I use packages / libraries from npm?

Yes, but the environment that your Loop runs in is not quite node and not quite a browser -- it's a custom JavaScript runtime that has added security/sandboxing in place, accessing file, making network calls, need to be done through an Aptitude.
For that reason certain node/browser built-ins are not exposed to your Loop (ex. fetch for network calls or fs for reading files). That's how Olive Helps is able to do things like enforce which domains you can access from your Loop based on your permissions requests. So while we generally encourage you to leverage existing modules/packages/libraries from npm or other sources, you may have to do some testing to make sure it works.
Many packages should work if used properly. For example, the xlsx module can be used to read excel spreadsheets by leveraging the Filesystem Aptitude to read the contents of the file and then passing it into xlsx.read(data, read_opts). However, your Loop would fail with an error if you tried to use xlsx.readFile(filename, read_opts) because that function would try to access fs, which isn't available within the secure runtime environment. See Loop Security for more details about Loop permissions and Loop sandboxing.

As a Loop Author, do I need a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)?

Olive includes a business associate agreement as part of Olive's terms and conditions that you agree to as a loop author. Olive also includes a business associate agreement within the terms and conditions agreed to by Olive Helps users. It is the Loop Author's responsibility to determine the terms and conditions and/or business associate agreement that are required for their Loop.

As a Loop Author, do I need a SOC Audit or HITRUST Certification to build a Loop for the Loop Library?

No. Olive will perform a security review with the Loop Author prior to the Loop being published into the Loop Library. Having a SOC or HITRUST will speed up the review process, but is not required.

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